GOOD LUCK by Debby Friday & Nathan De Paz Habib

GOOD LUCK is a surrealist short film that tells the story of a young woman navigating the whirlwind that is adolescence. Dreamlike sequences of young love, afterschool house parties, and midnight woodland rites come together in this pseudo-autobiographical tale. Co-directed by DEBBY FRIDAY and Nathan De Paz Habib (The Bicycle, Eroica), GOOD LUCK is the tale of a zillennial anti-heroine venturing into her past and the accompanying visual to DEBBY FRIDAY’s debut album of the same name (released via Sub Pop).

Directed by: Debby Friday & Nathan De Paz Habib
Written by: Debby Friday
Prod by: Breathe Ent & Lina Li
Cinematography: Andrea Pietro Munafó
Colorist: Claudio Beltrami
Prod deisgn: Christina Kim
Costume designer: Kaylah Wilson

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